Cloud is the foundation for digital disruption of the business world. It’s the platform for enabling agile application development. The remote servers over a network are key to delivering flexible, on-demand access to the new technologies like internet of things (IoT), chatbots, augmented reality, machine learning, big data analytics etc. All these technologies require heavy computing power, storage, and IT infrastructure.
Cloud computing allows organizations to scale infrastructure based on the company’s individual requirement to support changing business priorities while reducing the risks of wasted IT resources that inhibited past investments in new digital services.

Business Advisory

"Cloud and Agile are an integral part of IT today."

Neocepts Cloud Advisory Services identify and asses the pre-existing workflows and advises organizations in which app and services can be successfully migrated on cloud and which can remain on-premise to achieve sustainable business benefits.

Our Service

Neocepts provides the following cloud services:

Cloud Strategy

Neocepts Cloud computing strategy is a highly structured approach which analyses the IT infrastructure need of businesses and includes a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation that delivers a reduced cost, on time, with agility and scalability.

Cloud Migration

Neocepts Cloud Migration Services can advise on the best migration approach for the enterprises, from any environment to any cloud, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or others which helps businesses achieve a secure, repeatable, and scalable path to the cloud.

Application Re-Architecture

Neocepts helps enterprises interested in customizing and redefining the framework of application solutions against business requirement to ensure the application landscape is scalable, reliable, and manageable by developing the application within the cloud using the latest approaches as a cloud-native, containerization and DevOps.