With our DevOps consulting, we help startups, mid-size and large enterprises align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues and letting the team develop and test code in a production similar environment.

DevOps as a Service

Neocepts DevOps focuses on the agile way which provides common platform to Ops and Dev teams by assessing the current DevOps practices, using the best tools for process transformation and automation, and setting up smooth management for the delivery pipeline.

  • Increased collaboration - various departments works as collaborators, brings development and product team closer.
  • Shorter time market - With the use of short sprint and Agile methodology, DevOps reduce the time of launch of new product or service.
  • Improved automation - Clearly defined processes and workflows are achieved by automation which leads to the reduction of odd human errors.
  • Faster feedback - DevOps helps in a faster iteration based on customers' feedback.
  • Scalability - With the automated infrastructure in place, DevOps helps in optimizing cloud strategy, scaling up or down the cloud usage as demand varies.
Our Service

Neocepts provides the following DevOps services:

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Neocepts helps organizations create modern CI/CD pipelines to improve the process of continuously binding the individual work of the developers by having an approach of doing it several times in a day with a sole purpose of early detection of bugs and with Continuous Delivery(CD) that reduces the blockers in the deployment or release processes.

Neocepts helps in adaption to the new automation tools meant to help with CI/CD pipelines setup those work with traditional code repository and bug tracking systems.

Moreover, as SaaS is becoming a more preferable delivery model so Neocepts advises on automation tools implementation keeping in mind the developer’s workflow, how these tools integrate with existing tools, the cloud and the container systems etc.