IT Consulting

Neocepts offers advisory services in IT consulting that help customers frame IT strategies and map their technology strategies with respective business or process needs. We help customers with the planning and implementation of strategic, architectural, operational needs.

IT landscape changes continuously and new technologies keep emerging in the form of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning(ML) and automation pushing enterprises to rethink their business models.

Neocepts help organizations better understand and harness advantage from emerging technologies which helps them keep moving on the desired growth path. From identifying process needs, the knowledge of emerging technologies to the workflow efficiency to the final implementation, Neocepts is ready to address your all IT needs.

Services we are offering


Neocepts define DevOps as “culture”. Culture of how to develop software. Neocepts DevOps leverages collaboration among people, processes and products through increased communication between departments, automation to reduce work silos, and Cloud adoption for scalability that leads to faster delivery of the product.

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