Neosights Concept Diagram

What is Neosights

Neosights is a business platform that takes the pain out of setting up an IoT system. It is a one stop shop for implementing a connected system that keeps you informed and lets you control your enterprise.

The Neosights platform provides the following components out of the box:

Neosights Sensor Suite

We offer ready sensors that fit common industrial requirements. If none of these suit your requirement, we can design and manufacture custom sensors for your exact requirement.

Communication Protocols

Depending upon the various environmental factors like power availability, distance over which data has to be communicated, security requirements, etc, we offer the sensors to communicate over the appropriate protocols. Our proprietary aggregation protocols offer huge data savings by sending data from multiple sensors as a single stream.

Alert, actions and notifications Rules Engine

The entire data flow has various checkpoints to detect triggers that should initiate actions and messages when critical exceptions are encountered.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud component of the Neosights platform stores the enterprise data and the device data, both dimensions and metrics.

Business Insights

The Analytics engine of Neosights provides business users with actionable insights on the data received from the sensors.

Why Neosights

Gartner says over 75% of all IoT implementations result in a failure.

The primary reasons for low success rate of IoT projects are:
  • Multi-disciplinary domain knowledge required (VLSI design, manufacturing, embedded software, communication protocols, cloud architecture, analytics, AI, ML etc.)
  • Often becomes what is known as a multi-vendor hell with many vendors not understanding each other’s domain and not able to work together
  • Lack of skill availability
  • Lack of understanding of cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Poor knowledge of customers’ business among vendors
  • Poorly defined business use cases
  • Poorly defined project roadmap
  • Projects often exceed budget allocation

Neosights addresses all these issues. We understand your business. Neosights provides a one-stop solution with clear cost projections and what you get is a single source for the entire solution, from sensors to the final business insights.